Once you've joined a group

You will become a member of a local group that meets up monthly for regular outings. People who you first met as strangers will soon become friends.

Our volunteers play an active role in our groups, so you will get to know them as well as your fellow older guests. Do you have questions about how our groups work? 

Helpful information

"As soon as I stepped into the room, I felt welcome."

Within minutes, our new guests realise they had nothing to worry about and by the end they're already looking forward to the next meeting with their group.

Aged 87

I was married for over 60 years until my husband passed away six years ago. It was horrible being alone after such a long time and I felt so lonely.

I do have some family, but they live quite far away so I don’t see them much. I don’t often get visitors and during the week I put my TV on in the background just for company. 

I started looking for local groups to attend, and someone told me about this charity. I was invited to join my local group and was picked up by a friendly volunteer driver who took me to the home of another volunteer...

... The volunteers were so kind, and it was nice to just chat with people. We had tea and refreshments and the afternoon flew by. My group meets once a month and I always really look forward to it.  

The thing I love most about the gatherings is just being able to talk to people. I have made so many new friends. The charity brings together people of all ages and I think that’s what makes it so great.

I also find it quite hard to get out of the house by myself now so having someone come and pick me up is really good. If someone was thinking about joining, I would say do it - you have nothing to lose!

Still unsure? 

Our 'helpful information' section will help to answer any questions you might have about our events and our guest leaflet (PDF) can give you some more info too.  

Alternatively you can download a PDF application form to print and send back to us.

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