A few years ago I fell back and hit my head. Luckily, I had a personal alarm on me so was able to press the red button and get help. My son arrived and then the ambulance and, after a few blood tests, I ended up with a pacemaker.

But the problem with that personal alarm is that I could only use it in the house. I had another one for when I went out, though I usually forgot to take it with me.

When I read about Personal Alarm Watch in Re-engage's magazine, I thought it sounded interesting because you can wear this watch inside and outside too.

I looked at the website and then showed the article to my son and my granddaughter. They suggested they buy the watch for me as an early Christmas present, so I’ve had it just over a month now.

It’s light and feels comfortable on, although you can tell it’s designed by men – the strap is black!

I’m very up with gadgets. I’ve got a computer and a Smart phone and I’m on WhatsApp, but I must say, the watch is very easy to use.

It said in the article that during the design they asked medical people for advice and placed the red button in the most accessible place for anyone having a stroke.

I think having the watch will help me enjoy my life more and worry less. Wearing it makes me feel more reassured.

I’ve lived in the same house for 60 years. Since my husband died 14 years ago, I’ve been here on my own, though my son lives nearby, and other family too. With the watch on I feel that if anything happened to me, I’ve got instant help. This makes the family feel less worried too.

I never thought I’d wear a personal alarm - I thought they were for old people and I never thought as myself as old, even though this was only a few years ago! In your mind, you don’t get old. It’s only when you see your reflection in a window that you think, ‘Who is that strange woman?’ Then you realise it’s actually you. 

The lockdown hasn’t been too bad for me. One good thing about it is that nobody interrupts you when you’re into something. I’m terrible because if I get into a good book I can read through the night and forget to get up the next day and do the things I suppose to. I read anything and everything. Detective stories are my favourite.

I’m looking forward to going to the Re-engage tea parties again when we can, though. The young volunteer who drives me there has kept in touch through the lockdown. We text each other on WhatsApp.

I text my friend in America too – I even showed her around my house on WhatsApp the other day. I’m the sort of person who’ll give anything a go.

I think that if you see life as an adventure, you enjoy it more.

Editor’s note: Personal Alarm Watch has taken Eva’s feedback on board and will be offering straps for the watch in a range of colours soon. 

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