Are you aged 75 or over?

Would you like to connect with other people and take part in an activity such as dancing, boules, tai chi, walking or skittles?

Do you live in Birmingham, Bristol or the South West, London, Manchester, the Scottish Borders, Wales or West Yorkshire? If so, please register for our activity groups.

Social activity groups

Our free activity groups, delivered by Re-engage volunteers, will help you stay active and meet new people. We have in-person groups, and for anyone who prefers to join in from home, we have online groups too.

Each group will take part in a gentle physical activity such as dancing, chair yoga, gardening, tai chi or boules, and there will be plenty of time afterwards for refreshments and a chat.

The groups cater to different levels of ability and are run by Re-engage volunteers. Anyone who joins an in-person group can be picked up and dropped home again afterwards by one of our volunteer drivers.

Contact us

We have teams across the UK.


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