Scams and fraud online learning resources for volunteers


Unfortunately, scams are very common, and anyone can be targeted, regardless of their age or background. How someone responds to being scammed may differ, depending upon the person, but the impact of being scammed is often emotional, as well as financial.

Talking about scams is a powerful way to raise awareness and also to reduce the stigma around scams. By having conversations about scams and fraud we take away the fear of the unknown, which can result in improved wellbeing and happiness in older people.

We want to empower our Re-engage community to become a strong defence against scammers and we are taking the first step by starting a conversation about scams.

Our online resources encourage and support Re-engage volunteers to have these important conversations with our older people. They can also be an opportunity for everyone to learn about scams, how they affect us, and how we can avoid and report them.

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