Once a month...

... Normally on a Sunday afternoon, each group's volunteer drivers will go and collect our older guests (that is you) to take them to a volunteer host’s home.

There, they meet with the rest of the group for tea, cake and companionship.

Why Sundays?

It's because we know this can be a lonely time of the week. Many of our volunteers also work during the week so Sundays are the perfect time for most groups.

Volunteers host most of the events in their houses, providing a warm, welcoming environment. Many groups do sometimes meet in other venues too, like community halls, hotels, museums and even the odd fire station! 

Who are those volunteer drivers?

All our older guests are collected from their home by a volunteer driver, who accompanies them to the event and makes sure they get home safely at the end. 

Where possible we arrange for the same driver to come each month so that you get to know them well. Many of our guests end up being close friends with their drivers, simply because they spend the most time together.

With your safety in mind, all of our drivers are DBS / PVG checked and we ensure drivers and volunteers are fully vetted.

Before you come out with your group for the first time, you will be introduced to your driver who will call you beforehand to let you know what time to expect them.

Can anyone join a tea party group?

Our gatherings are open to people aged 75+ who are lonely, isolated or in need of companionship to get together with volunteers of all ages (over 18). We have hundreds of groups across the UK.

If you don’t meet the criteria as a guest but you’d like to get involved, we have lots of volunteering opportunities – our volunteers enjoy our events as much as our guests.

If you know someone who you think would benefit from joining one of our groups, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you’re a friend, relative, neighbour, GP, social care professional or charity – you can refer them on to us. Please let the person know you are refering them before you do.

Are the venues accessible for people with disabilities?

Our hosts' and other venues will all be accessible with a downstairs toilet and not more than a few steps up to the property.

However, volunteers who host in their own home are unlikely to have adaptions such as handrails and toilet facilities for people with disabilities. For this reason we are unable to accept applications from people who are reliant on a wheelchair for their mobility.

What happens if there isn't a group in my area?

If all of the groups in your area are currently full or there isn’t a group in your area right now, we will place your details on our waiting list and you will be notified when a place becomes available for you.

Who should I speak to if I have any concerns?

We hope you will enjoy going out with your group, but if you decide it’s not for you or you have any other concerns please speak to your group coordinator.

Do you offer any other services?

We are beginning to offer different kinds of groups in selected locations. Information about these will be provided on this website. Please ask your group coordinator to contact us if you would like some advice about local services.

Are there any costs or fees to pay?

No, our group activities are free of charge for our older guests.

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