Maggie has lived quite the jet setter life, working for 32 years as cabin crew for British Airways. Now aged 82, and having survived cancer, things are much quieter. Two knee operations which unfortunately weren’t successful, along with spine degeneration, means Maggie is unable to walk more than a few yards. However, she manages to do some seated gardening.

Since she finds it difficult to get out of the house, and with no family of her own, the regular calls Maggie has with her call companion, Glenda are incredibly important to her:

“Glenda calls me once a week and it’s wonderful. I love speaking to her. We discuss just about everything - her family, music, art. There’s nothing we don’t talk about. Glenda is quite amazing, she's very empathetic and giving. The calls with her are very important to me. I always look forward to them.”

We’ve seen a significant increase in the number of older people who feel more confident or report improvements in their physical and mental wellbeing since joining Re-engage.

By playing the Re-engage Lottery, you can help meet the ever-growing demand for our services and provide much needed companionship for people aged 75 and over who may be feeling at their loneliest.

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