“If loneliness is set to become a public health hazard with an impact as big as smoking or obesity, then housing providers are on the front line of that fight.”
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We recognise the responsibility housing providers have to the health and wellbeing of their tenants. Loneliness and isolation can have a wide ranging impact on tenants wellbeing and capacity to maintain their tenancy. As part of wrap around wellbeing services Re-engage can offer your tenants free access to vital social and befriending opportunities. Referring older people is simple

1. Find a service

Use our online map to find services in your area.

2. Refer

Complete your referral through our simple online form.

3. Informal chat

Our team of trained staff will contact the older person for an informal chat about our services and support them to join a service most suited to their needs.

4. Service matching

The older person will be matched to one of our services. This could be a social gathering near to their home, telephone befriending with a call companion, or an activity group in their local area.

5. Updates

You can receive updates on the impact of our work through registering for our regular service updates.

Making multiple referrals

We recognise that there are times when organisations may wish to refer a large number of older people to our services. If this is the case, please contact our engagement team to discuss how we can support you.

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