Our dedicated fundraising team work with flexibility and creativity to find the best ways to deliver partnerships which are of mutual benefit.

Together, we can develop partnerships which align with your CSR aims and engage your staff and customers through a tailor-made package. We work with organisations of all sizes who support us in a large variety of ways including one, or a combination, of those listed below.

Ways in which your company can work with us

We will work together to sustainably tackle an issue that is important to you, your customers and your partners such as ending loneliness amongst older people, encouraging intergenerational friendship, or strengthening local communities. 

Choose Re-engage as your charity of the year and our Partnership Manager will work closely with you to develop a varied employee engagement programme including volunteering and fundraising opportunities. 

We operate from the north of Scotland to the tip of Cornwall so you can focus your support on a location of particular interest to you. 

We can help you build customer engagement and drive donations through an innovative cause related marketing campaign based around one of your products. At the same time you will gain positive brand association with the only charity in the UK helping end loneliness in those over 75. 

One-off gifts are an easy way to support and can have a profound impact in helping to end loneliness and social isolation.

We can help you engage your staff in your CSR aims with fundraising and awareness raising initiatives that build employee loyalty and improve the lives of vulnerable older people at the same time.  

All our corporate supporters are invited to encourage their staff and customers to volunteer for Re-engage. Opportunities range from giving a few hours a year to getting involved a few hours once a month, or even more. See more about volunteering here.

We'd be interested to hear what skills and insights you can bring to us on a pro-bono basis. This kind of support helps us keep our costs down, making our supporters’ donations go further, and brings valuable knowledge into the charity.

Also known as Give As You Earn (GAYE), is where your employees can make a donation to charity from their salary before tax is deducted. Most modern payroll systems support payroll giving, it is easy to run and at virtually no cost. It is a good perk to offer employees and can help support your charitable commitments. 

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