Our impact

In 2023-2024 nearly 7,000 older people took part in our services, supported by nearly 9,000 volunteers.

Between April 2023 and March 2024, we have seen consistent reductions in feelings of loneliness amongst older people accessing our services. The number of older people who ‘often or always’ feel lonely is 47% lower than when they joined Re-engage and the number who ‘often’ feel they lack companionship has fallen by 32% (based on the ONS single-item direct measure of loneliness and the UCLA loneliness scale).

Nine out of 10 older people rate Re-engage services as 'good' or 'excellent'.

Nine out of 10 older people say joining Re-engage has given them 'something to look forward to'.

Almost all of volunteers96% – feel like they are 'making a difference to somebody' as a result of volunteering with Re-engage.

“I look forward to Wednesday evenings as I have a lovely young man phoning me; we have a good laugh and try to put the world to rights.” 

“Hearing the laughter and sense of humour of our guests is a complete tonic for me.”

Every charity wants to be sure that it’s making an impact. That’s why we talk directly to our older people and volunteers about the impact of our work, rather than make assumptions.

In 2023 to 2024 we:

  • received over 5,600 survey responses across our research and evaluations.
  • conducted 126 in-depth interviews.
  • received 1,960 responses to our annual survey.

All of this feedback gives us a fantastic understanding of the impact of our work and the ways in which older people and volunteers benefit from being a part of Re-engage.

"Its a wonderful organisation with excellent organisers and volunteers. I am privileged to belong to this group. Thank you. First class."

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