Suitability & requirements

Our services are open to anyone aged 75+ who are lonely, isolated or in need of companionship, in sheltered accommodation, in a care home or in a residential setting and feels they could do with more social interaction.

However, we do consider applications on a case-by-case basis, so if you know someone whose circumstances don't completely meet our criteria and they would like to join a contact teas or call companion group (or both), you can refer them using our online referral form.

Please make sure you include all the information about their circumstances on the referral form.

Our services may be suitable for those older people living with dementia. This will be dependent on the older person's stage of dementia. If you'd like to refer an older person living with dementia, please ensure you make reference to their dementia in your application.

This will then be considered when the application is processed. For possible other services that may be available, please check the Alzheimer's Society or Alzheimer Scotland.

Whilst we don't offer any services in any language other than English, you can contact us to discuss whether we can accomodate individual language needs, at

Exisiting volunteers should let their group coordinator know if they recieve a request for other languages, as this information will help us to plan. Group coordinators should let the Re-engage support team know of any language requests received.

To be eligible for a call companion the older person should be lonely, isolated or in need of companionship, and aged 75+. However, we do consider applications on a case by case basis, so if their circumstances don't completely meet our criteria and they would like a call companion, please do apply.

Making a referral

Once we receive the referral, we aim to contact the older person for an informal chat within 7 days and then match them with a volunteer within 2 weeks.

Please note that due to an unprecedented number of referrals and applications recently, this process is currently taking longer.

You can contact our support team at to find what stage in the process the older person you referred to us is at.

Contact us

We have teams across the UK.


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Office phone:

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